Manoli’s Pizza

“Treat your friends like family and your family like friends.”

My father, Manoli Placourakis, was born in 1925 and raised on the largest of all the Greek Islands, Crete…where the weather and water are beautiful year-round, where seafood, vegetables, and fruit are plentiful and where the bread, cheese and wine are all handcrafted, the old fashioned way. Rhonda and I are raising our son, named after my father and born on Maui in 2004, on a beautiful island with similar qualities to my father’s birthplace. This leads us to Manoli’s Pizza Company. Our fare here at Manoli’s is centered on fresh, organic, and sustainable products whenever possible in crafting all of our pizzas, salads, and even when choosing the wines on our list. Manoli’s is where healthful, flavorful foods and beverages come together in a place where friends and family meet.

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100 Wailea Ike Dr,
Suite: A1
Kihei, HI 96753


Open Daily
Full menu available from 11am - 9pm
Happy Hour available from 3pm - 5pm
Late Night available from 10pm - Midnight